We Meet Green
Responsible Travel Culture at LCC

Sustainable meetings are vital to us.

  • At Lufthansa City Center, we want to emphasize the importance of sustainability in every area of life and business whenever we can. For this reason, setting a good example by also conducting the Annual Summit 2024 in the most climate-friendly way possible is crucial to us.
  • We have chosen BRAGA and the MELIA HOTEL AND SPA as green certified hotel, applying own solar systems in their hotel garden already. Moreover, the hotel is paying attention to regionality and sources food and beverages mainly from the region, without resorting to imported goods.
  • In the preparation of the event, we we have turned every screw to minimize emissions as far as possible. Print materials and unnecessary production e.g. for non-digital giveaways were strongly narrowed down. We will use digital signages in all venues and offer an event app instead of any kind of print navigation. Any event material, such as agenda, participant and sponsor info are fully digitalised in our Event App with brochures and catalogues for download. All sponsors and DMC Partners are kindly asked to do the same - all players involved in this conference are required to rethink their resources, especially for booths and  marketplace: Give-aways or printed material shall only be brought in limited numbers to reduce transport and avoid any waste.
  • All this is done while trying to save electricity, e.g. the stage will work with an LED wall instead of the usual energy-consuming projections.
  • For the needed materials, the Lufthansa City Center Headquarters used sustainable alternatives wherever possible: For example the notebook for the attendees is made out of apple leather - a material that recycles leftovers from industrial apple processing (peels etc.). In addition, we encourage all attendees to reuse the provided materials as often as possible, e.g. use our bookmark for (private) reading sessions, because using things over and over again is also an expression of sustainability.
  • During the event, we also try to inspire the attendees with sustainable ways of transportation: A funicular will be our transfer to the first dinner venue. The Bom Jesus do Monte Funicular was the first funicular to be built in the Iberian Peninsula. Indeed, it is the oldest funicular in the world powered by water counterbalancing.
  • Nevertheless, a certain amount of CO2 emissions cannot be avoided at a conference of this size, due to the travel of participants, catering, accommodation and on-site activities. These unavoidable 274.823 kg of CO2 emissions will be fully offset this year through climate protection projects run by our partner Atmosfair, with a special focus on the construction of efficient wood-burning stoves in Rwanda, that help to combat the shortage of wood as a raw material ("Save80" stoves save 80% energy).