Responsible travel- responsible meeting culture at LCC

We meet green

Sustainable meetings are vital to us.


  • Sustainability plays a predominant role in realising our LCC events with the purpose to meet green. We as event organisor limit waste and resources to the maximum and digitalise the event touchpoints to the maximum. We offset carbon emissions produced by our attendees after the event with atmosfair.
  • We have chosen BRAGA and the MELIA HOTEL AND SPA as green certified hotel, applying own solar systems in their hotel garden already. 
  • Additionally all participation fees contain a fixed CO2 compensation to help neutralize your ecologic footprint.
  • All sponsors and DMC Partners are kindly asked to also re-think their resources at this event, especially for booth and  marketplace: Give-aways or printed material shall only be brought in limited numbers to reduce transport and avoid any waste.
  • Any event material, such as agenda, participant and sponsor info are fully digitalised in our Event App with brochures and catalogues for download. 
  • All non avoided CO2 emmissions of all attendees including flight footprint will be 100% compensated by the LCC Headquarters and invested into a responsible project.