Join fellow LCC colleagues from all over the globe, your exclusive LCC community, attending our free of charge virtual offer each week. Discover the wide variety of topics and high-class industry experts offered exclusively to LCC members only. All times are CET. If you have missed one session you can always watch the recordings here

MD Live |  Monthly Virtual Exchange on MD Level 

MD LIVE I 5 December 12 pm CET

Topic: The year 2023 and 2024 - LCC in focus!

Guest Speaker:
Jan van Steen, Advisory Board Chairman, LCC Omnia Travel, Belgium


Industry Wednesdays I Weekly New Tools & Products (time always CET)

Dec 2023
12:00 - 13:00 h
Industry Wednesday with Amadeus: Amadeus Ticket Changer Suite
Speaker: Karl Julian Frost Hansen-Larramendi, TOIT Product Marketing Management; Head of Strategic Accounts
Amadeus ticket changer suite - Enhance the level of service you offer customers with the ATC product suite, delivering fast, efficient handling when changing a ticket. ATC Reissue - Acquire fast, accurate and reliable fare recalculation and exchange for tickets and itineraries, available in over 140 markets worldwide. ATC Refund - Reduce refund processing to just two easy steps with guaranteed results. ATC Involuntary - Implement an automated ticket exchange solution to manage disruption quickly and efficiently. Discover the three benefits: #1 Guaranteed - No Financial risk. Zero airline Debit Memo #2 Simple - Easy to use. Only 4 steps to follow. #3 Fast - Give travelers a new Itinerary in <1 minute

Onboarding Training new LCC Members

This is the training for new LCC members and new colleagues at existing LCC agencies to provide the full overview on the LCC concepts, branding, benefits, suppliers and procurement, DMC and corporate. 

Next Dates:

20-22 February 2024  - 10am - 12:30 pm CET

Speaker: ALL LCCI contact persons

Duration: 2.5 hours , 3 days

FAM Trips (in-person)

Destination ZAMBIA

LCCI offers various opportunities to familiarize yourself with new destinations - through LCC FAM Trips. The first FAM trips is planned as follows. If you want to opt to become a DMC host as well for one FAm trip, please reach out to us.

Next Dates:

09-18.05.2024 tentative date



LCC DMC Host: LCC Juls Travel Lufthansa City Center

Programme and Invitation: to follow soon

Regional Roundtables

The regional exchange with your LCC Account Manager and Advisory Board Members for the region Europe.

Next Dates:

12. December, 2 pm

Speaker: Daphne Pallikaraki, and Andrej Skraba, LCCI

Duration: 1 hour

The regional exchange with your LCC Account Manager  and your Advisory Board Member Liqun Zhao- includes the region APAC.

Next Dates:

January 2024

Speaker: Andrej Skraba, LCCI

Duration: 1 hour

MEA & Africa

The regional exchange with your LCC Account Manager and Advisory Board Members - includes the regions MEA and Africa.

Next Dates:

January 2024

Speaker: Andrej Skraba, LCCI

Duration: 1 hour

LATAM & Spain

The regional exchange with your LCC Account Manager - includes the regions LATAM, South America and Spain.

Next Dates:

21 November at 9 pm CET / 3 pm BUE

Speaker: Jens Schuster, LCCI plus guest speakers

Duration: 1 hour

Special Interest   | Corporate, DMC and MOT Virtual Exchange

DMC Partner Exchange

Exclusive exchange of all LCC DMC Partners. Registration only for LCC DMC Partners.

Next Dates:

28.11. 2024

Speaker: Sophie Wendlandt, Siiri Palisaar, LCCI
Duration: 1 hour

MOT Partner Exchange

Every 4 months we offer an exclusive exchange of all LCC MOT Members speicialised in Marine and Offshore Business. Registration only for LCC MOT members.

Next Dates:
January 2024

Speaker: Savio Monsorate, LCCI

Duration: 1 hour

Corporate Exchange and Corporate Training

Exclsuive corporate exchange round with BT LCC members. Exlusive corporate training for all LCC Business Travel agencies.

Next Dates:

29 November full day

Topic: Business Travel Meeting

Speaker: Savio Monsorate, LCCI

Duration: 1,5 hours

29 November 2023

LCC Business Travel Meeting 2023

Upon invitation only to LCC Business Travel Agencies

Venue: Frankfurt, Germany

Date: 29 November full day incl. dinner

Agenda - here