Dear LCC colleagues,

We are thrilled to invite you  to our exclusive in-person LCC event after over 30 months: The LCC ComeBackToBusiness2022 Event taking place at the beautiful Côte D'Azur end of September. Now more than ever, we believe in the LCC power and need of personal reconnections to collaborate, to inspire and catch up with your LCC community. Expect two days full of opportunities to debate, to meet personally and to  welcome all our new LCC members who joined us over these past months - all of that embedded in a relaxed surrounding of a beautiful destination.

This event will be the perfect blend of interactive conference and open space for deep connections and smart dialogue, talks and exchange. Top keynote speeches, valuable experts insights, intimate rounds of sparkling ideas on our leisure and corporate strategies are mixed with valuable connections to industry experts, our suppliers and colleagues to maximize the output of your event participation. This event is for you, for us, for the LCC network! Come join us and make this happening a unique and memorable "ComeBackToBusiness" live experience we all longed for.

Our chosen summer destination, Sophia Antipolis at the flourishing Côte D'Azur will be the perfect setting to build connections, re-unite and jointly debate trends, tools, and the transformation of LCC in our post-pandemic travel arena.

When: 29 September - 1 October 2022
Where: Sophia Antipolis
Participation Fee: 199 Euro plus accommodation and flights
Hotel: Moxy Sophia Antipolis - see hotel
Deadline to apply: 20 August 2022
Special: Secure your Early Bird Discount - applicable until 10 July 2022!

We cannot wait to see all of you in person, end of September! Be there!

A bientôt!

Kind regards,

Martina Groenegres          Siiri Palisaar
Managing Director            Senior Director Sales Steering

How much is this event?

The participation fee amounts to 199 Euro. A 15% discount is applied to all early-bird registrants applying before 30 June 2022.

This includes 2 dinners, the conference and networking destination programme, airport transfers on main arrival and departure day. The fee does not include flights or accommodation. Accommodation is provided at 99 Euro/ 114 Euro per night in single, twin bed rooms at the Moxy Sophia Antipolis hotel, close to the conference venue at Amadeus Headquarters.

Why should I attend?

Our last in-person LCC conference took place November 2019 in Budva, Montenegro. After more than 2 years of virtual encounters and in-person meetings at trade shows like ATM or FAM trips, it is now time to reunite the entire LCC network: live, in person at the beautiful Cote d'Azur. The agenda leaves sufficient room for networking, dialogue and exchange, however also leading experts will share their view on the comeback of the industry.  Reconnect with your LCC community and re-discover the LCC spirit - here at this event!

How to enroll?

Here is the link to register.

When is the application deadline?

Deadline to apply is 30 August 2022. As capacities are limited we recommednt o apply as soon as possible.

What is the Early Bird Special?

For all of you deciding early on their participation, we do have a special "goodie" in place: The LCC Early Bird Special applies an 15% discount on the participation fee.

Deadline to apply for the Early Bird discount is 30 June 2022.

Can I bring a private accompanying person?

Yes, you can. A special participation fee of 299 Euro (plus accommodation in twin bed room) applies here for him/her to also attend the entire programme. Please inform us at in case you wish to add your spouse.